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Sponsorship / Donations

Cost to compete in a motoXcountry race is $100 (gate & entry fees).

Average archery tournament fees are $25 (local), $75 (state) and $200 (national).

Our Bronze Level sponsorship rate is only $100, Silver is $250 and Gold is $500

For a copy of our Partner Benefits Form for the 2021 season email at us at Marketing@WaltersBrothersRacing.com or Marketing@WaltersBrothersRecreation.com

Compare a partnership with Walters Brothers - Racing / Recreation with that of your local city sports league, and you would agree that Walters Brothers - Racing / Recreation is your best value for promotion. We compete year long compared to that of city ball leagues that are about 2 months long. We also promote weekly in front of hundreds versus a dozen or so at the same ball field every week. And our social media presence speaks for itself, just compare our facebook 'likes' to that of any other amateur sports teams or city leagues.

We are @WaltersBrothersRecreation / @WaltersBrothersRacing and in 2020 12 year old @JaceWaltersRecreation will be competing in his 3rd year of national competitive archery, 16 year old brother @StephenWaltersRacing will be shifting his focus back to racing dirtbikes. In 2019 Jace won multiple Shooter of the Year awards within Ohio and earned 3 national podium finishes, Fin finished 3rd overall in the Adult C class.

In 2020 Jace is planning on competing in the below tournaments, as well as in various other local events that we find to fill in off weekends when he hasn't had enough shooting. Fin will again compete for another year end podium finish within the motoXcountry - Eastern Racing Offroad Championship series

National & Foreign Level - Shooter of the Year

  • Scholastic 3D Archery
  • USA Archery - Virtual Tournaments
  • Ontario Association of Archers

Ohio (state) Level - Shooter of the Year

  • Scholastic 3D Archery
  • Ohio Archers Association
  • USA Archery- JOAD
  •  Ohio 3D Group
  • Archery Shooters Association

National - Events

  • The Lancaster Classic
  • NFAA - Indoor, Field and Outdoor National Target Championships
  • USA Archery JOAD - Indoor and Outdoor Target Nationals







How to donate / partner with Walters Brothers:

Credit Card & PayPal Donations: 

www.PayPal.com - Please use the 'Personal / Gift' option.

(Marketing@WaltersBrothersRacing.com or Marketing@WaltersBrothersRecreation.com)


Gift Cards & Cash Donations:

Walters Brothers 

4456 Abbe Rd #107

Sheffield Village, OH 44054


Make A Champ (crowd funding): 



2021 Partner Benefits Form: 

For a copy of our Partner Benefits Form for the 2021 season email at us at Marketing@WaltersBrothersRacing.com or Marketing@WaltersBrothersRecreation.com

If you have any questions about our Partner Benefits, please ask!

Do you have your own sponsorship ideas?

We are more than willing to work with sponsors who are willing to work with us!